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Our Beginning.

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Many have asked, how did Baseball Alley get started? This is my story...... 

Baseball Alley started 20 years ago in Chattanooga, Tennessee when my oldest son started playing little league baseball. The team was issued a simple hat and tee for their uniforms and that of course wasn't good enough for Momma, as he was my first son playing ball. I wanted everything first class! SO... 

I stitched bats and a baseball on his jersey and then appliqued CUBS across the front of the tee. I added a stitched number to his hat so he wouldn't get it mixed up with the other six-year olds' caps. After adding all the stitching to his uniform, I thought, "Hey now! Momma needs a 'Baseball MOM' shirt and sissy needs a 'Baseball SIS' shirt". Pretty much the whole family ended up with personalized shirts and hats to cheer Drew on in his first ballgame.

We didn't get five feet beyond the front gate of the ball-fields when I was stopped by dozens of little league parents who wanted to know where all those adorable shirts came from. And well, as they say, "the rest is history" and Stitch This (now called Baseball Alley) was born!

Today I can be found most weekends on a ball-field around the Dallas/Ft Worth area, and many surrounding southeastern states. One of my sons plays for the NTCC Eagles while working on his college degree and also the Quincy Gems semi-pro league in Quincy Illinois during the summer months.  My oldest son, a former college catcher,  is a coach and an instructor at Dallas Tigers East Organization in Rockwall.  Oh, and I can't forget Sissy, a former high school cheerleader and current dance instructor and physical therapist major grad school student, who is truly their biggest (and loudest) fan!

I am beyond blessed to work in an environment that I truly love, to share the love of the game with the customers I serve, and to be so passionate about what I do!