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How to measure tees and use a size chart


As one can expect, we get a lot of sizing questions here at Baseball Alley.  BBA uses several different brands and styles of tees, in the hopes that everyone can find a tee that works for them.  While we try to post size charts with all our designs, this still doesn't solve the "fit issue".  A common misconception is that the measurements on these charts are of the human body. We find customers measuring themselves and comparing those numbers to the charts. Don't be embarrassed if this is you, nine out of ten of you do this.  The charts are actually measurements of the SHIRT.  That is why you come up baffled , resulting in contacting me to let me know my charts don't make sense.   

Try this instead; take a nice fitting tee that you enjoy wearing because it fits so good, and lay it flat on the ground.  Now measure the shoulder of that tee to the hem of that tee, this will be your length measurement. Then measure from side to side in the same manner, this will be your chest or bust measurement.  Those are the two main numbers you need to be concerned with. Now compare those numbers to the size chart of the tee you are interested in purchasing.   This is how you find your correct size. The numbers may not be exact, just find the closest in comparison. 

Now there are a few "weirder" size charts on the site, the off shoulder styles are one example.  You have to make adjustments for this; sometimes it takes a little vision. If that's not one of your strong traits, remember, you can always message us for help with sizing!  Also, we offer free size exchanges on most of our items, just not the custom and or personalized ones.  

We hope this article has helped you in some way, and makes your shopping experience at Baseball Alley Designs less stressful.